Friday, June 17, 2005

Carman Licciardello

What Would Jesus Do

Carman Licciardello has been an anointed man of God for over 2 decades. There has been rumors, whether true or false, about him getting married and seeking an annulment. Well, if it is true, we christians need to undergird Carman and not villify him.

If he did get married it really is his business and he probably feels worse than his fans right now. Peter denied Jesus yet was a mover and shaker in the early church. Let us just pray for Carman. Give him time to tell us all about it.

As for myself, I will make up my mind to eat an extra piece of apple pie. I know it is not good for me yet I do it. When I have eaten it I wonder why I did not excercise self control. Carman has done a lot for the Kingdom of God. If God approves of him who are we to villify him.

Believers read I John 1:8-10 and think about it. Carman is not a practising sinner. The man made a mistake. Many have done worst. My message to Carman is this, "Carman I love you, I choose to be your good friend and I promise to pray for you. You are not too bad. To me you are still OK."